Workplace conflict management, prevention and resolution

Even when you aim to prevent unhealthy workplace conflict, you are likely going to encounter it in your organization.


Navigating through the conflict continuum

Do you have a vision where people in your organization engage in authentic conversations to grow together through healthy disputes and create a climate of trust instead of escalating conflict?

Are refreshers needed for your team members to recognize unhealthy workplace conflict and become more self-aware of their own impact, through their actions or inactions, on workplace wellness?

Is your organization experiencing incidents that may have an impact on your employees’ right to work in an environment free of conflict brought on by violence, harassment, intimidation, and discrimination?

Do you know which systemic organizational driver is generating the most risk of such incidents from occurring, and are you successfully mitigating those risks?

When investigations are required, are you more inclined to work with qualified bilingual professionals who are well-versed in law, organizational and human dynamics, leadership, trauma, and inclusivity?

At the conclusion of the investigative process, are you unsure of how to support your organization and colleagues to learn, restore, heal, and move on?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, chances are your organization, team and people are navigating through the conflict continuum and are looking for meaningful and sustainable solutions to address the situation and improve the workplace climate.

NewLeaf Investigation+ offers a full range of conflict prevention and resolution services tailored to your needs. Please consider our services below and engage in a conversation with us here.


Build a culture that is free of unhealthy conflict one intervention at a time.

The NewLeaf Investigation+ Team offers workplace conflict management services to meet you where you are in the continuum. Whether this means conducting a workplace investigation under established federal or provincial legislative frameworks, assisting in policy or program development for your organization or mediating issues that have come at a crossroads through authentic conversations, we are here to assist you.

We pride ourselves on delivering the correct solution with unconditional positive regard for all people who are involved. We work with people, to make a difference.


We will help you meet your obligations and objectives to prevent unhealthy conflicts in the workplace, and from harassment and violence.


When your best preventative efforts fail and the risk of an occurrence materializes; you can count on us to help advance resolution in a well way.

Policy & Program Development

Helping you comply with the normative framework and requirements applicable to your organization.

Facilitated Authentic Conversations

The parties are coached through an authentic conversation approach with a qualified practitioner to voice their experience, values in play, needs, and request for closure.

Program Formative and Evaluative Reviews

Conducting reviews of your key workplace programs: culture, wellness, diversity and inclusion, LGBTQI2S, employment equity, official languages, to identify opportunities for improvement and provide workable solutions.

Mediation and conciliation

The parties engage in discussions based on mutual objectives with the guidance of a professional, neutral and impartial practitioner to achieve a mutually acceptable outcome.

Ombuds Services

Providing you with confidential, impartial, experienced capacity to listen to employees, glean helpful insights for workplace wellness opportunities, and meet reporting objectives.

Fact Finding Mission

Every workplace situation is unique, and it is common that the way forward is not imminently clear to the employer. A fact-finding mission will shed light on this, leading to clarity on next steps.

Respectful Workplace Training

Offering tailored workshops to employees, managers and executives to help identify individual contributors to workplace disputes and personal modes to resolving conflict; we teach techniques on how to engage in authentic conversations to de-escalade conflict and re-establish healthy dynamics.

Formal Workplace Investigation

When informal conflict resolution efforts do not yield satisfactory outcomes for the parties, when the principal party requests a formal investigation, or when the employer’s responsibility is engaged, only an experienced, qualified, and well-rounded investigator will be able to lead the process – providing substantive findings and sound recommendations – in a timely, thorough, and respectful manner.

Workplace are human systems and, despite successful interventions, they can remain bruised or destabilized from the dysfunction conflict has left behind.

Purposefully designed interventions that contribute to healing and continuous learning are relevant in this situation. As such, workplace restoration becomes a continuous investment for you and your team. It starts with building and maintaining healthy team dynamics and workplace cultures.

Our team of specialists at NewLeaf Performance is best poised to pick up from here and they would be delighted to work with you on this journey.


Collaborative. Transparent. Respectful.

Our methodology is grounded in our expertise in the fields of Canadian, provincial and territorial human rights, occupational health and safety frameworks, and in ethical process-consultation practices. We partner with you, our client, to tailor the best approach to deploy conflict management, prevention and resolution interventions in your organization.

NewLeaf Investigation+ brings a multidisciplinary approach to conflict prevention and resolution which aims to improve workplace dynamics through tailored sustainable solutions. Given our experience and reach, NewLeaf Investigation+ understands that conflict prevention and resolution do not begin nor end in a formal setting and are best enabled by engaging wholesomely and holistically.

Connect the humanistic and mechanistic.

Organizations are human systems that rely on structures and processes. Laws, regulations, policies, directives are meant to guide and be complied with. Parties who are alleged to have behaved in a manner that threatens an employee’s right to a workplace free of harassment, violence, and discrimination must engage in appropriate conflict resolution processes.

Identify root causes.

Naming issues in an objective manner, and knowing how they have come to be, is essential to get your organization wellness up there. We take a whole of system approach to understand external and internal conditions that shape your immediate workplace environment.

Create sustainable improvement.

Workplace improvement can occur with the most micro shift – such as when you see another possibility after being stuck in an unhealthy pattern – or through larger, planned, and more visible shifts – as for when a team establishes its new working parameters. These changes create capacity and confidence for future change. Our team can help make capacity to change an integral part of the workplace.


If you would like to know more about our services please reach out and we will be happy to follow-up with you real soon!

If you love to make a difference in organizations and are interested in joining the NewLeaf Team, please get in touch with us now. We would be pleased to welcome you!

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